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Tenderloin Block / Approximately 1 to 2 kg * Limited quantity *

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Recommended for steaks, BBQs and asados!

A piece of tenderloin of about 2k. Depending on availability and the option you choose.
We will deliver the blocks in a vacuum-packed state from a local meat processing factory in Argentina.

* Please note that extra cardboard boxes will be used as packaging materials to keep the selling price down.
■About this beef:
Tenderloin, Boneless | Lean. A long, narrow, and lean muscle located within the Loin, this is the most tender cut of beef available

※As sold by weight, quantity will vary based on weight you choose

■ Characteristics of beef: 
Crispy crunchy outside with rich moist fatty bite. Very juicy, very tender. Fairly strong but balanced beef flavor. 
The meat loads of flavor and a buttery taste  Or milky sweetness of lean meat, the aftertaste is so light that both women and children can go crazy. If you are an adult male, you can afford to go with 500g plus white rice. 
● Decompression method: 
Thaw slowly in the refrigerator from one day before the day you decide to eat it 
We do not recommend thawing in a microwave oven or thawing naturally at room temperature in the summer. 

Best-by date:
Please be sure to consume within 1 week after the product arrives. Within 2 days after thawing it.
We will deliver frozen beef by cool mail in about one week after ordering.
Please note that Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not counted as days of the week.
If you are in a hurry, we would appreciate it if you could contact us.

[Information accompanying food labeling]
● Product name: Frozen Argentine beef (FRIDEVI)
● Country of origin: Republic of Argentina
● Importer: Marubeni Co., Ltd.
● Store name: Don Rossi
● Sales manager: Fiesta Project Co., Ltd.
● Shipping management company: Shinjuku Meat Wholesale Center
● Expiration date: Within 1 week after the product arrives (within 2 days after thawing)
● Storage method: Please store frozen at -18 degrees Celsius.
● Observations: For cooking / not for raw consumption.