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When stewed, it is fluffy. Chuck tender (shoulder meat / red pepper) block / about 1 kg

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Recommended for stewed dishes!
It has a lot of lean meat and is light, so even if you eat a lot, you won't get heartburn.
It has been well received because it does not have the odor that is typical of imported beef.
Delivering the dynamic block meat vacuumed in Argentina as it is.

This large primal comes from the shoulder area and yields cuts known for their rich, beefy flavor. Features roasts ideal for slow-cooking as well as more tender, grill-ready cuts such as the Flat Iron Steak.

Decompression method:
Thaw slowly in the refrigerator from the day before.
We do not recommend thawing in a microwave oven or thawing naturally at room temperature in the summer.
Best-by date:
Within 1 week after the product arrives (within 2 days after thawing)
Delivery: Frozen beef will be delivered within 7 business days after ordering by cool mail.

Please note that weekends and holidays are not counted as business days.
If you are in a hurry, we would appreciate it if you could contact us.
[Information accompanying food labeling]

● Product name: Frozen Argentine beef (FRIDEVI)
● Country of origin: Republic of Argentina
● Importer: Marubeni Corporation
● Store name: Don Rossi
● Sales manager: Fiesta Project Co., Ltd.
● Preservation method: Please store frozen at -18 degrees.
● Remarks: For heating / not for raw consumption.