How to thaw and bake meat

Defrosting and preparation

・ From the day before the day you decide to eat, move the amount to eat to the refrigerator and thaw it over a day.
* Please note that we do not recommend thawing in a microwave oven or thawing naturally at room temperature in the summer.
・ After thawing, take it out of the refrigerator 30 minutes to 1 hour before eating, and wipe both sides of the meat with kitchen paper. It is OK if the temperature reaches the level of human skin.
* Keep the product in a plastic wrap so that it does not come in contact with the air.

・ When it reaches room temperature, sprinkle salt and pepper in the desired amount, add oil to a frying pan, and heat the oil over high or medium heat.
* The owner likes to make it crispy in a fried style, so add a lot of butter and olive oil and fried garlic together.

How to bake ① Fried grill version:

<Turn it over only once>
When the oil gets hot, put the meat in a frying pan. To prevent the meat from drying out, scoop the oil with a spoon and sprinkle it on the surface of the meat.

When the side in contact with the frying pan is burnt, turn it over and bake the other side. Please return the meat only once.
* Be careful not to move the meat when baking.

<Cook with residual heat>

Once you have your favorite grilled meat, wrap it in aluminum foil to trap the flavor, or place it in a vat for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the meat to rest. If you cut it thinly, if you like hot meat, you can eat it without resting

<The surface is crispy and the inside is pink and juicy>
After resting the meat at your favorite time, serve it on a plate.

It is OK if the surface is crispy and the inside is pink. Please enjoy the juicy meat.

<The way the fire passes changes depending on the time you rest>

Rare, medium rare, and well-done finishes may occur depending on the rest time, so please be careful about how many minutes you rest according to the finish.

<For those who like rare>

If you like rare and want to bake a 250g steak, bake one side over high heat for about 2 minutes 30 to 3 minutes. Bake the other side in about 30 seconds or 1 minute, immediately remove it from the frying pan, wrap it in aluminum foil and leave it for 15 minutes. The residual heat makes it moist and rare.

How to bake ② Slowly confine the taste version:

<Oil the size of the meat>

First, warm the frying pan, oil it to the same size as the meat, and when the frying pan is warm, reduce the heat to low and place the meat on it. After baking for 30 seconds, bake the other side. The surface of the meat is gray, but it's okay.

<Turn the meat over every 30 seconds>


After baking for 30 seconds, turn it over. After baking for 30 seconds, bake the back side and turn it over for 30 seconds each time. The surface of the meat gradually burns brown. It depends on the thickness of the meat, but if you bake it for 8 to 9 minutes, wrap it in aluminum foil for 7 to 10 minutes and heat it with residual heat, it will be cooked in a beautiful pink color and will be juicy.

(I'm cumbersome to wrap it in aluminum foil, so I cover it with a bat.)

I tried homemade chimichurri. (I can't see the cross section so much, but it's finished in a beautiful pink!)

Find your favorite way to bake!

How to bake meat varies depending on the thickness of the meat and the degree of roasting. There are many other ways to roast, so you can search for "steak roasting" on YouTube etc. and find your favorite roasting method.