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Full box of 15 kg! Super offer! 1 box of Ribeye between 5 and 6 whole cuts.

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Recommended for BBQ and Asado with a large number of diners!

We would like to inform you about this product that is only sold wholesale to the most exclusives restaurants at Ginza, Tokyo!
Perfect for making a barbecue for numerous guests! 10-12 people can eat (approximately 200g per person)

Come to the presentation!

* Prices and conditions are different only for restaurants and professionals, so contact us as follows.

Orders for restaurants or store

  1 box contains approximately 2.5 kg of ribeye for 5-6 vacuum-sealed packages.
* If a piece weighs less than 2 kg, 7 to 8 pieces can be included.

We will deliver the meat that has been vacuum sealed at the meat processing factory in Argentina directly to the customer as is.
It will be a product with a longer expiration date than the cut steak.

The price for 1 kg is approximately 4333 yen including tax (433 yen per 100g)! It's as good as wholesale price for commercial use!

[ Characteristics of Argentine Ribeye ]
The ribeye (also known as the ribeye) is one of the three main high-class cuts of ribeye. It is the second part of the cow's tenderloin, which is rare and can only be taken in a small amount, next to the higher grade ribs, and it is also the part that does not become tougher than expected, even if it is overcooked. Ease to well done.

When baked according to directions, it becomes a surprisingly light and crisp, tender lean meat.

By the way, keep in mind that the shoulder blade and the rib eye loin you see in supermarkets are not exactly the same part. Shoulder loin is very reasonable compared to rib eye loin. However, it has elasticity and hardness. * The quality of Japanese beef and domestic beef tenderloin is completely different.*

[Low cost reason]
Since there are no cutting costs, administration costs or labor costs, we can offer it at a lower cost.

【 Take a Note ]
When placing an order, please read and understand the following precautions before placing an order. The order is considered to have been placed after the customer read and understood the following precautions.

The weight of rib eye blocks varies from animal to animal. So please note that the total weight of each vacuum sealed package is around 500g. (and from the box Minimum 14.5 kg, maximum 16 kg)

・ The delivery of this product will take some time.

Delivery time (approximate): Delivery between 10 and 14 days after placing the order
It is not possible to respond in a hurry, so please place an order with a margin.

・ Discount coupons cannot be used

[Box size] Width 61 cm x height 16 cm x depth 28 cm

[Ribeye size] Estimated size of a block (in the case of a class of about 2.5 kg): Width 30 cm, height 10 cm, depth 15 cm
*Size varies by individual and weight, so it is a guide only.

how to bake a block >

How to cook a beef >

● Thawing method:
Remove the amount to be used from the case and defrost in the refrigerator the day before.
(Or put plain water in a large bowl and submerge the unopened package ⇒ It can defrost relatively quickly)
We do not recommend thawing in a microwave oven or naturally thawing at room temperature in the summer.

● Preparation method:
When cutting a block, it is recommended to cut it half thawed.

● Due date:
Until May 2023
Be sure to consume within 2-3 days of thawing.
We do not recommend refreezing cut meat. it's your responsibility

● Delivery:
We will deliver within a week and a half to two after your order.
Please note that Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not counted as business days.
This product cannot be handled in a hurry. Please Be Careful.

[Information Accompanying Food Labeling]

● Product name: Argentine frozen meat (FRIDEVI)
● Country of origin: Argentine Republic
● Importer: Marubeni Co., Ltd.
● Store name: Don Rossi
● Sales Manager: Don Rossi Kazutaka Matsui
● Storage method: Store frozen at -15 degrees Celsius.
● Observations: For heating / not for raw consumption.