Introducing a restaurant where you can enjoy our rib roast in the world-famous meat city [Kobe City]!

You can enjoy our rib roast at the Italian bar "Asparagus" near Kobe Sannomiya and Kitanozaka! You can enjoy our rib eye roast in various ways depending on the day: charcoal grilling, grilling in a frying pan, and roast beef!

Please consult the Asparagus webpage and social media networks for more information:

In addition to meat, you can also find a dish with chef's recommendation, such as sautéed juicy thick asparagus, dishes using seafood, pasta, and gratin, and why not a drink!
They have a wide variety of wines, and I think Asparagus will be a "favorite shop" that you want to recommend. It's a hidden basement restaurant, but all the dishes are filled with the chef's commitment, so enjoy it alongside our meat!

*Mr. Asparagus:  I will forever be in your debt 【 From: Mr. Matsui - Store manager】

■ Store information:
" Asparagus "  Italian bar.
4-7-14 B1, Kano-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, 650-0001, Hyogo 
17:00 pm 〜 
Sunday of the second and fourth week of the month is closed.

Don Rossi Japanese store specialized in Argentine beef.  

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