Don Rossi Argentine Beef was featured on Radio Nacional Folklorica.

Oscar “Cholo” Gómez Castañón interviewed Kazuyoshi Matsui, owner of Don Rossi Argentine Beef, the first Argentine butcher shop in Japan.
 Talk about Oscar  Oscar «el Cholo» Gómez Castañón  (64) is to speak about of one of the most emblematic voices of Argentine radio, with a long history linked especially to the folkloric roots of Argentina, numerous awards and recognitions.

Radio Nacional is an Argentine public radio station. It is owned by the Ministry of Media and Public Communication, and is operated by Radio y Television Argentina. It is made up of 57 stations that are distributed throughout the country.
The live interview was carried out on Pan Casero  broadcast, which is broadcast from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Radio Nacional Folklórica.
We are very grateful to «el Cholo» Gómez Castañon and the producer Barbara Diogo.

Don Rossi 
Store specialized in Argentine meat

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