Happy New Year!

To all Argentine beef lovers: Happy New Year!

I am Mr: Matsui, owner of Don Rossi.

Last year started the first year since  the store is open, thanks to everyone.
I said  we would sell around 3 tons. We would thank to 850 people for their patronage.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all customers for your support.

The annual quantity of imported beef consumed in Japan is  about 600,000 tons.

The great lovers of Argentine meat will grow with the help among each one of us, we will do everything possible to achieve the goal of 60,000 tons of imported beef annually in 2030. This will be the goal

Talking about Don Rossi's Argentine beef:

Argentine meat is the most suitable ingredient for the physical constitution of  Japanese, who are not good for digesting fat.

"Ghost beef" is lean, but soft, odorless and light, you can fully enjoy the real taste of meat

I know that this meat is the meat that we Japanese should love, and I promise to all of you that I will continue to support and generate promotional activities so that more people have the pleasure of knowing it.

I will remain oriented in my purpose and I hope to continue being supported by you this year

Don Rossi
Store specialized in Argentine meat

Owner: Kazutaka Matsui

P.S: The goal for this year is to distribute 22 tons!

Thanks a lot.


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