Introduction of Argentina Asado (BBQ)

Occasionally, the word "ASADO" appears on TV, magazines and WEB media on the Internet!

People wonder "What is roast ?!", "I saw roast in a gourmet magazine, how is it done?", "Roast is the same as North American barbecue?
  I would like to tell you a little about the Asado Argentino! !

Please tell everyone about the culture and the way to make the Argentine asado, Try it this way!

Oh, but you can tell he made a real asado for the first time with my Argentine beef! (Argentine joke hahaha)

The text is provided by Jeremías Fernández (commonly known as ル ル), a staff member living in Argentina, based on information about asado surveyed in Argentina.

When you are doing the Asado, it is very dangerous if someone around you thinks they are better than you and gives advice from the side, "Isn't this better?" If someone does, tell them: I am the grill, don't burn it (hahahahahaha laughs)

By the way, "Asador" word that appears many times here refers to the manager of the charcoal grill or the craftsman of the charcoal grill. In the case of a family, it means a father or a son, and in the case of a restaurant, a grill chef.

In Argentina, there is always a grill in every home. Mainly the parent or child of a middle and high school student. From that age, he begins his training as a grill, helping his father and learning about this traditional culture.

Of course, each family and even the father who is a barbecue is attentive to the favorite cooking point, so the finish will be different according to each family, but most can eat it at a close point from medium to well cooked.

In general, men are the ones who dedicate themselves to being worshipers. However, recently, the number of Asadoras (artisans on the charcoal grill) is increasing!

Let's explain how to make Argentine asado!

Thaw the meat thoroughly before baking.
Remove the thawed meat from the vacuum pack and bring it to room temperature 1 hour before baking.。

After returning to room temperature, wipe the surface with kitchen paper.
By touching the air, the color of the meat turns into a beautiful red color.
The condition is that the meat is at a temperature similar to that of human skin.
Do not remove any oil on the surface.
Because the fat has umami.

 Clean the grill (net) and start a fire from here.
Use charcoal or firewood (oak) to start the fire.
By using a hard material such as oak, it will last a long time after it catches fire. 

As a technique to make a fire, set charcoal to make a pile on the crumpled paper and ignite the paper.
Charcoal must be cooked to the core, but it takes time to cook, so if you use fuel such as an ignition agent or a fire-starting chip as a means of shortening it, the charcoal and firewood will smell and the meat will smell. Don't use it as it spoils the taste

Then, by sprinkling rock salt on the lit charcoal, it absorbs the gas generated from the charcoal and prevents the meat from smelling.

When the charcoal is cooked, use a long scoop (metal dustpan ?! * Center of the photo) and place it evenly under the parilla.

The height of the charcoal to be placed should be low.
Make sure to evenly distribute it to the net.

Be careful not to bring the grill close to the cooked charcoal.
Leave a space of about 15 cm between the grill and the charcoal.

By doing so, you will be able to bake slowly over low heat, and the finish will be more juicy!

The basis of Argentine asado is "Despacito". Bake the beef gently, slowly and carefully over time.

Hearing this phrase, it looks delicious! Isn't it? ?? LOL
And it's up to you to adjust the heat!
Hold your hand over the grill and adjust the amount of charcoal depending on how long you can withstand the heat.

When grilling chunks of meat, it is best to hold your hand for about 8 seconds and put up with it. This means low heat. * Speaking of my meat, 1 kg or 2 kg class blocks of fins or ribs are applicable.

For steaks that are not lumps, the heat will be medium for about 5 seconds, so the heat will be just right. * In terms of my meat, it's a 250g steak cut! Please note that if you bake in a 500g block, only the surface will be burned first and the inside will still be raw!

A knife is an important tool for asado and is a must for Asado. Be sure to sharpen your knife before asado.
Never use a knife that cannot be cut.

Before I often did asado, my grandfather Don Rossi sharpened a big knife and made a smashing noise with a stone, and even though he didn't make a voice, he was overwhelmed by the tremendous spirit of "I'm going to asado." had. That's how enthusiastic it is, Asador. .. ..

Season the meat with rock salt.

What you should never do when grilling meat is to stab the meat as a way to know how much it is cooked, and never do that.
By making a hole, the gravy comes out, and the meat is dry.

Also, the basics of the asado I mentioned earlier is Despacito (slowly)! Asado should never be in a hurry, as I wrote.

Even if my child angered me, "Hey! Father, I'm still hungry!", My wife said, "How much time do you plan to spend? It's over lunch, lol." Even if your father-in-law and mother say, "It's a bad setup, how long does it take?", Don't hurry!

In Argentina, there is a big quarrel between charcoal and nets, but this is Japan. Suppress your high spirits, take a deep breath and laugh while serving a snack chorizo ​​(which burns relatively quickly!) Or prepare a traditional Argentinean snack, Picadita
(Picadita is salami, cheese, bread, etc.)

The chorizo ​​in the photo is a basic type in the foreground, and until the meat is cooked, the basic type chorizo ​​is grilled with a net (well, it is baked immediately) and sandwiched between breads to complete the chorizo. If you eat it with chimichurri sauce, you won't stop eating. .. .. ..

What a black object chorizo ​​in the back that is unfamiliar in Japan! A chorizo ​​called Morsilla made from pork blood! !!

You who thought "Ugyaa! Pork blood !!"
Think you were fooled and try it! I'm sure it will change your life!

There was a legendary Morsilla craftsman, Mr. N, in Japan, and I tried it too, but it was a mess in Morsilla, Argentina!
By the way, Matsui is a group that eats on sliced ​​bread as it is without baking! That is also excellent!

Use a fork for advice on improving the asado.
To use the fork, try pushing the meat with the fork.

If you say "Bunyubunu" when you press the meat, it is still raw than rare. If it's getting a little harder, it's "rare or medium rare", and if it's harder like a peen and a ruler, it's "weldun".

Pay homage to your time asado and wait patiently and enjoy the traditional asado. In order to do the best asado, let's accumulate patience and daily practice by imagining the degree of fire and finish that you envision.
After the meat is cooked, if it is a thick chunk of meat, take it from the grill
and let it rest on a cutting board or vat for 10 minutes. After that, let's cut it so that everyone can eat it easily.
After resting the meat, cut it into wooden chopping boards, serve it, and place it on the table.

And let's say to everyone, "We have an asado!"
Everyone there will take their favorite meat (part) from the cutting board.
In Argentina, we drink refreshing salads and red wine to accompany the asado.

Most importantly, let's all applaud Asador after the meal.

Ahh, I want to make an asado (: _;) 

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